Vector Linux 4.0

Just installed Vector Linux 4.0. It's great!
The installation's a piece of cake. I wasn't prompted to specify my mount points, though. But that's no biggie.
When i rebooted the system, every app was set for me. Here are the programs:
audio player: xmms
text editor: vi, bluefish, nedit, & xedit
word processor: abiword
cd-writing software: xcdroast, cdrecord, etc
browser: Moz Firebird
email client: sylpheed
graphic viewer/editor: xv, gqview
file manager: xfe
IM client: GAIM
FTP client: gftp
Window Manager: icewm, xfce, fluxbox
I'm still exploring. But so far, it's great, fast. And this is just the free version.

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