I did a quick edit on my site. Now it looks a bit nicer.

I still have to make a script for it, tho. I don't want to hand-code everything again, everytime i want to post something. But this will do for now.

Just came from SM Megamall to go to the Exhibit for Phil Products hosted by DTI. I took more than 240 shots, i think. I hope that'll suffice for MIP.

Anyway, while i was on my way home. I saw something made by The Cartwheel Foundation, it's an organization that aims to "bring education where it is needed most!" I like the idea, and told them i'd help 'em. Maybe i'll make them a site, or advertise theirs on different sites, but i'm glad i could help. Here's a photo of some of the people there.

Cartwheel Foundation people

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