Walk to the past

The day and the night were all drawn up for the story of two (still nameless) frogs. That story would've taught them to respect others cause not everyone has the same basis for what they believe in. It should've been the first ever activity that i solely executed, or at least played the biggest part of its execution. It got me down that i didn't get to do the story-telling bit yesterday. There's still gonna be a next time, tho. From the foundation, we did the obligatory routine of going to Shang food court and planning what to do next.

Marcello & Landlady Allan made plans to go to LB, and i volunteered to come along thinking that i'll probably do crap on my SP again. I walked home again after that. The same usual stuff.

Jarek came to our house yesterday afternoon. He forgot that it's Saturday and i have a class. However, after eating some of my cousin's b-day food, Jarek came and ate more with me. I asked him if he wants to join our road trip -- Mark plans to drop off Allan & his desktop there, and go back home right after. He said yes.

The trip started awkward. Jarek made a comment about the Chinese -- how they're all the same tea-pickers -- and Mark told us he came from a line of conservative Chinese family. Apologies and a long silence followed. But they eventually gotten around to talking after that.

In LB, we had a brief chat with the people hanging out the House of Second Chances, then waited for Vida who'll go back with us to Metro Manila.

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