White chocolate capuccino, strange places, and the summer heat

This morning, i slept for more or less 2 hrs (4am - 6am). I tried going back to sleep but my bed wants to kill me by squeezing out every last drop of water in body with its hot sheets. "Nagbara" is the proper reaction for this, as the sheets feel like they've been put in an oven and cooked for 4 hrs in 700Kelvin. Nevertheless, i endured the heat and stayed sweating in bed for 3 hours -- wondering if there would ever be a time i'd enjoy this heat. At 9.00, by remembering the things i have to finish before seeing the sun go down and up again and by fear of dying of dehydration, i decided to get up, get a drink, and go on with my life.

Easier said than done. The heat has indeed gotten to me but there are other things in the crazy head of this self-absorbed egomaniac going on that's to blame for being a bum. Here it is:

Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)


Anyone who can decrypted SHA1+MD5 encrypted messages probably can read that, but i doubt it's worth your time.

Moving on, i procrastinated for a few hours before doing some actual work. I missed breakfast and lunch, but that's nothing new. Valerie, a friend of Patrick who i work for, making the BP Int'l Shipping Corp. website, called reminding me that the deadliest deadline -- when we'll present the actual website -- for BP is tomorrow. I've completed almost everything before 13.00, but there are a few images missing, which i assume that they expect me to generate myself. No biggie. It's just a little crop here, changing color intensities there -- trivial stuff. It would've been better if Patrick's actually finished his job -- the graphics part -- before leaving for Isabela for some Multi-level marketing gimmick.

Deciding to hold the work until i got back home, i burned the cd's for Anna and took a much needed bath.

I was supposed to meet up with Anna at the CAL building, but i ended up waiting at the faculty center -- close, but not quite right. After checking out books in Nat'l Bookstore Katipunan, we parted. She went to eat at Tia Maria's and i went to Johanna's place to meet up with her Dan.

After meeting with the couple about The Project, i walked to Epoy's and Nico's place. It's no surprise that they're not there. They're probably in Mindoro or just out somewhere.

I went back to Anna's place. She freaked when she saw my face just a few inches from hers. Her scream almost gave me a heart attack, so i sat on her bed until my heartbeat and breathing went back to normal. I told Anna i went there to tell her that she has to use WinRAR for the copy of the Nightmare Before Christmas that i gave her. Ha! She told before that she knows how to use Winrar and how to open winrar files -- it follows that she knows what to do with rar files. I just wanted to hang out with her, i guess.

After watching The Amittyville Horror and her smoking a cigarette, i walked home. I wanted to go straight to Commonwealth, then thru Central Ave, but i decided that's too easy. Sinced i've tried that route before.

Going thru C.P. Garcia, i found myself entering the street near Sarah's to KNL (Krus na Ligas). The streets there fumed the heat the asphalt collected the entire day. It gave me a feeling of nausea and self-hatred. It also caused me to have a headache that feels like somebody's mixing my brain using an egg-beater. After half an hour, i escaped the maze of KNL and entered the labyrinth of Teachersville. It took me more than two hours walking around before i got home.

At home, i quickly logged on to my pc and worked on my stuff while drinking white chocolate capuccino. It is apparent that at this point, i don't feel like writing anymore.

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