I've been teaching Andel, my baby cousin (our big rat) to say my name for some months now. I repeated "kuya eman" several times for him to immitate. Last month, i finally got an "oooooyah." At least he almost got the first part.

"Say my name, baby! Say my name!" i usually say. This morning he said, "ooya," then paused a bit and continued, "egam," fast like he's trying to bite a mosquito that's flying to his mouth. Not what i really wanted, but with a little debugging of his consonants, he'll eventually say my name right.

He did the sweetest thing tho. He walked to me with that cute little smile of his and handed me, with both his hands, a ceramic angel. He just got it from the living room display and i had to return it to its shelf, but it's still a nice gesture nonetheless.

Eventually, he'll learn to speak, then i'll tell him the difference between E and E minor on the guitar. After that, he'll learn how to configure a webserver to properly serve secure http (https) traffic. That's after i teach him all about the options found in Apache's httpd.conf.

I'm talking nonsense again. Sorry for wasting your time.

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