Eman Resume

Emanuel Gardaya Calso

58 Road 7 Project 6, Quezon City, NCR, Philippines, 1100

Phone: +63 2 455 3222; E-mail: egcalso [at] gmail.com


I am highly proficient with programming languages such as Perl, Python, PHP, C, C++ and Java. I have experience in setting up various GNU/Linux boxes such as Slackware, Cent OS, Nitix, Trixbox, Ubuntu & Debian with various applications such as Asterisk, LAMP, and Kannel.

  • Python
    • Used to create an sms-based inventory system with a web-based reports;
    • Used to create an email-like interface for sending and receiving SMS;
    • Used for a WMS (almost an ERP) type of project;
    • Used for the Operations Research module for EMANS;
    • Used for an accounting software for cooperatives.
  • Perl
    • Used for CGI scripting as a core developer for several websites (for CMS, mail-list type of programs, et al);
    • Primary language used to develop EMANS (Extensible Mathematical Analyser for Numerical Solutions at http://emans.tigris.org/);
    • Used to create reports on some testing jobs; and
    • Used as a scripting language for administrative tasks for my servers & personal boxes.
  • PHP
    • Used for CGI scripting as a core developer for several websites (for CMS, mail-list type of programs, et al);
    • Used for a web-controlled camera project; and
    • Sometimes used as a scripting language for administrative tasks.
  • MySQL, Sqlite & PostgreSQL
    • Used with Perl, Python, PHP & C for different programs;
    • Familiar with setting up database server from source.
  • GNU/Linux & BSD
    • Familiar with BSD & System V types of systems;
    • Used Redhat, Mandrake, Gentoo, Slackware, Debian, SuSE, MontaVista, et al;
    • Used FreeBSD (4.7, 4.8), OpenBSD;
    • Compiled custom Linux kernels (2.2, & 2.4); and
    • Familiar with 2.6 Linux kernels.
  • Apache
    • Used for a survey system using PocketPC's;
    • Currently using 1.3.31, 1.3.33 and 2.0;
    • Has experience in using mod_perl, mod_includes, mod_php, mod_python, mod_rewrite, et al.
  • Asterisk
    • Used as a base for a few call-centers;
    • Used AGI/EAGI scripts to integrate with other applications (ie, CRM's and ERP's);
    • Used to extend call centers and other IP-PBX.
  • Kannel
    • Used for various systems that requires SMS.
  • C/C++
    • Using sockets programming, created a server which handles requests from a remote control;
    • Has experience debugging dialling software (gnudialer).
  • Java
    • Made a few programs to solve Linear Programming Problems.


  • Systems Developer
    • Top Networx (http://top-networx.com/)
    • From June 2007 to present
      • responsible for the customization and maintainance of SBPA's
      • involved with Asterisk deployments
      • involved in the development of an ERP-POS system with multi-language support
  • Lead Programmer
    • 8layer Technologies (http://8layertech.com/)
    • From 2006 Mar to May 2007
      • responsible for the development and maintainance of SBPA's
      • involved with Asterisk deployments
      • developed a CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) system
  • Application Programmer
    • HB&A Research, Inc.
    • From 2006 Feb to 2006 Apr
      • developed a that accepts input from a PocketPC to create a report of the surveys made
  • Web Programmer / Maintainer
    • Realty Manila (http://realtymanila.com/)
    • From 2005 Sep to present
      • developed a real-estate showcase website from scratch
      • recommends methods to improve search engine ranking
  • Web Programmer
    • Octa-A Trading Philippines (http://www.octa-a.com/)
    • From 2005 May 30 to 2005 Jun 7
      • developed & integrated CMS using Perl & SSI
      • made "Contact Us" script using PHP
  • Web Programmer
    • BP International Shipping Corporation (http://www.bpships.com/)
    • From Apr 9 to 12
      • configured CMS (Coranto)
      • made "Contact Us" script using PHP
      • made "Application Form" program using Perl, MySQL, & PHP
  • Web & Applications Programmer
    • Mindworks E-Library for FEU-FERN basic ed. dept. (preview available upon request)
    • From 2004 Aug to 2004 Nov -- responsible for the functionality & security of the whole application.
  • Web & Applications Programmer
    • EAZIX Inc. (http://eazix.com/) Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
    • From 2004 May 31 to 2004 Jun 12
      • responsible for the web interface (including layout, coding & interaction with OS) for a video camera;
      • documented tests, coding procedure (for costumisation) and user instructions; and
      • assisted in the integration of the web application with the whole project
  • On the Job Trainee (Tester & Developer)
    • EAZIX Inc. (http://eazix.com/) Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
    • From 2004 Apr 21 to 2004 May 22
      • tested (including wiring, installation, kernel compiles, configuration, and documentation) network interfaces of a prototype camera device for speed and reliability; and
      • tested mass storage devices, and other peripheral devices.


  • University of the Philippines, Los Banos
    • BS Applied Mathematics Major in Operations Research
    • Graduated October, 2005

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