Unearthed entry (cut)

...that's the first thing my computer told me. A new moon, and also, a new distro... most probably. I'm getting a set of MDK cd's. Still gotta test it, and compare it to Slackware and FreeBSD, but i think it'll do fine on my dad's PC.

I hate chasing buses... i almost chased one again earlier.

Yesterday was great! Lots of people went to C&G, and we sold more than a thousand Pesos worth of shirts and journals.

After that we celebrated... by drinking of course. How else would we celebrate a successful activity? We left early, before 1 am. So when i went with Anna to her place to borrow her DVDs, we decided to have a drink again somewhere near her place... bought Dr Pepper at Select... hangout again a little, and went back to her place again, supposedly to watch movies, but we're so tired, we just slept... tho, i almost didn't have any sleep... Anyway, in the morning Anna (the inconsiderate girl, as she calls herself) doesn't want to get up. So i tried to make her get up for almost two hours... it worked, she's up when i left her room. And i think she's mad at me for wasting her time... forcing her to get up when she should've just slept til it's almost time...

When i got home, i recieved an email from Eric saying what numbers are to be answered... couldn't answer them cause someone borrowed my book, but PJ helped me with it.

I came 30 minutes late for the AMAT 115 exam, but i almost finished it, so that's ok.

Regarding the practicum, Linux Online still hasn't replied, so maybe my code is not good enough for them. Anyway, i just joined Adrian and PJ to apply for San Miguel, i hope we get in... otherwise, i'd have to look again.

Now, i'm sleepy, getting bored in front of the computer, waiting for someone else to come home, so i could sleep... they didn't bring the key, when they left!

Just finished searching for Bring me the Disco King from the Underworld soundtrack... that's what Anna's been singing over and over last night.

My room's so messy, i ALMOST couldn't stand it... but it could use a little more... chaos.

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