i got a gmail account - 1000MB on the web at last! [eman]

yipee! I finally got my gmail account! please send ALL your forwarded messages here, and leave my other email adds fwd-free. thanks.

i'll try saving all my mp3's in another gmail account once i get it... more on that later.

BTW, it's me, eman.

that must've been the longest list of email add's i've _typed_ in one form! i hope gmail has a good addressbook feature...

i know i'm not observing proper netiquette by sending this to a bunch of people (and all in the To: field) instead of just posting it on my site or on a weblog, but WTF! i've got 1000MB of webmail... if you could point me to a slashdotter that wouldn't be happy with that, i'll give you all the money i have right now (around 50+ PhP, i think)

Anyway, this seems like a good way to test gmail's "robustness" - not like it's a really effective test, but just in case. I'll add some messages to some people, and please reply... i'm thinking 'bout making this my (semi) permanent email add once it gets out of beta.

Pa: i got a gmail account, i'll give you a link later when you wake up.

Mark: how are you doing? haven't heard from you for a looooong time.

Dan: again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated) - decided to stay up... still have to finish some stuff

Akelle: haven't checked your site yet, any problems updating it?

Jarek: i'm still downloading the song... the effing thing only has ONE active source!

Eric: how's work?

Ghie: hello!

Anna: thanks for the mp3's and wma's... still haven't finished listening to them, while converting ALL your wma's to mp3's AND all my ogg's to mp3's

Kacy: bakit lagi kang wala sa bahay niyo 'pag tumatawag ako?

Jamie: How're you and Jasmine doing?

all: this is the one email add that i'll openly accept fwd's and even spam! so, if your message is not urgent, send it here. If it IS URGENT, you know where to send it... either in bloodpet.tk, mipmag, or rimatmag.

See you when i
see you.

Site: http://www.bloodpet.tk/
Public Key: gpg -keyserver pgp.mit.edu -recv-keys 4D12B5DA
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