Ramblings of a mad man

A wide ring of light surrounds a full moon tonight, signalling rains to come. This is either explained by science or has been accepted by some people as true by its recurring coincidence, either way... i don't care.

In front of me is a tower with three red dots of light on it. Below it, a small structure with its roof arched with a style that resembles something between Grotesque and Romanesque. Beside it, still another one, smaller, yet to the same affect. All of these are on top of an edifice whose architecture is quite modern.

The road is curving to the left and i am to sought a place to the right. A man appears, with a face so mundane, i can't even remember how he looks like. I thought of it as a possible end, so i walked to the side where a pole would separate us. But he waited, asking me what time it is, i responded, "a las diyes," he asked again and i told him again it was ten. Then he walked away and spared my life.

A few meters from there, i saw that death has taken its toll. It was a body that's still alive, no blood spilled, but its inevitable end will come slowly. Surely, Igme didn't let this one escape his spiral spray of death.

Crossing the road while barely looking at what's to come, i made my way to the other side. Here, it's hard to see the moonlight, with trees and buildings covering it. There are trees leaning to the fences, and from the other side, are plants reaching out its leaves like how a convict would reach out his hands behind prison bars. The grass tries to cover the sidewalk, but fails to grow on concrete. There are manholes covered with lids that don't fit. To my right, cars speeding to get home, or to get somewhere else. To my left, an advertisement by the government showing how see-thru fences show the "beauty" of their buildings. It's ironic that these ads covers the fences almost entirely. A few steps hence, i got to a part full of tree shadows, almost to the point of not seeing anything, but i've been thru this place before, and have almost memorized where the puddles are. I got thru with dry shoes.

Below a shed, i saw three men approaching, all looking at me (or at something behind me). I passed thru them, then i tried to force my self to look back while stopping myself. It was out of paranoia and curiosity that i wanted to look, but my shadow assured me that they're not behind me. So i let each of my feet get in front of the other, alternately, of course.

A memory of a street i've often seen these past months came back to me. A night when Anna and i were looking for some water, and couldn't find a store with change, so we walked more than a quarter of Katipunan and back, still with no water. Giving up, we just drank at the meatshop -- oh, there's water there. Back to her place we just watched a movie and slept. Things like that always seem to pop up in my head. It must be because i'm already feeling my sweat crawling down my shirt and my bag that seemed heavier... it must be that i'm tired.

Seeing bars crowded with people, and a carwash with more than twenty guys staring at a tv set, i got a bit annoyed and hastened my steps. Then, i reached a row of closed banks with its chains hanging on little poles to keep people from parking their cars overnight. Or at least, i think it's for that purpose. I jumped over those chains to turn left and cross the street to Little Ceasar's. Another right would then lead to a street to with a small grocery store.

There were two dogs in the middle of the road, so i stayed on the side. Walking beside a van let me pass unnoticed, or so i thought. A dog barked to my direction, it seems. I looked back and saw the bigger dog was barking at some other guy, or rather on some other guys... they're riding a bike, one pedaling and one standing on the rods sticking out the hind wheel. But i could've sworn i saw another man there carrying a bag. I must've seen myself in the past. And again, another fantasy comes to mind... about traveling thru time. I had to get a grip of myself, tho. I was gonna cross a road.

Still procrastinating while walking (?), i didn't noticed much of anything around me. That is, until i stepped on shit... after that, i can't stop my self from looking down, and watching out for each step.

Left on the corner, there are some people playing basketball, and some watching. A big green gate stood in front of me. I knocked, and then, i'm home.

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