General Solution for Polynomial Equations

Could this be true?
A post in slashdot said that a Dutch student found a formula that determines the roots of any polynomial equation. Didn't have time to read the details... i just posted it to remind myself, and also to make you my "research team"... hehe... that is, to find out if this is true.
If this is true, then what the heck does Abel's proof say?

The source of this news is from Fontys school homepage. You could see the babelfish-translated page from altavista.

Also, since it's been /.ed, here's a copy of the pdf from Arxciv.


Anonymous said...

abel's proof still holds :)

basically, abel just says we can't write the answer to polynomial equations (which have a degree higher than 4) as an algebraic term [like x= b2 - sqrt(..... ]

the formula, solves it numerically...just getting the value of x. (a lot of techniques that do that already, i dunno about the advantages of this one)

geeks tayo, hehe


Anonymous said...

hehe. Tama ka diyan!