UHF Week 0: First Week @ UHF

Early in the morning, i was eager to go there, but was unaware that i'm already going to be late. Late, i was. 10-15 minutes, but they said they haven't done anything yet, so it's no biggie. Anyway, we were just given a thorough introduction of what we should and shouldn't do. We were also split up into three (four if you count Errol) groups.

We helped in some chores, then was briefed again by Philip, who'll be supervising us every Saturday afternoons. He made a deal of my being an atheist, but said that as long as i don't "force" kids to be atheists, then we don't have a problem.

What our team did, basically, was just to come up with a plan on what to do next Saturday, when we have to tell them a story about "Believing in yourself and in your dreams."

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