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Just started my SA tasks, and they were impressed at my skills of making presentations (that's the first). Actually, i'm still not really legit to do any Student Assistant duties, but my instructor told me that we'll just ante-date what i did. Anyway, i was there from 9-10, then 1-3:45, so i already have almost four hours. It wasn't at all that fun, but it wasn't really dull either. I get to practice my "office productivity suite skills" and i get to read all the basic fun Math stuff that i've seen, but didn't really enjoyed, in high school.

Around 6 pm, I was in Shang. Then, 30 minutes later, went to Starbucks to wait for Eric (Enrico Leonor, to be precise) and some other people from KSP (Kilusang Sagip Pilipinas). At around 7:20, i met Eky and Nina (kewl! i remembered their names). Anyway, chatting with them verified that KSP is not some leftist stuff that will try to "rescue the country through [insert -ism here]." It's not that i'm totally against it, but as of now (and probably several generations hence), their recommendations just aren't effective, feasible, tolerable, or even logical. Eky told me that KSP's site's already finished, so there's probably no reason for us to meet in the first place, but it was fun. Anyway, I enjoyed talking to them, so it was worth the time meeting up with them. Erica (eky) gave me the URL of their sample site.

However, getting home's another story. Around 10:30, i said goodbye to Nina and Eric (Eky went with her folks before we finished), and went up to ride the MRT, which, to my dismay, just had its last ride pass by. So i rode the bus to SM North, and walked the usual dangerous-after-ten route i usually take.

At home, my folks told me that the phone line's cut, but i could still connect to the internet using DSL, so i don't really care 'bout that right now.

As for our project with FEU-FERN (Mindworks), Patrick said it was "shelved." I don't know what he meant by that, but AFAIK, we don't need to work on it as long as it's still shelved. It's both a disappointment and a relief. I want to finish what i started, but i think i made too many commitments that i couldn't possibly get all of them done unless something gives.

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