Instructions to our house

Far out in the poorly charted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy lies a medium-sized unregarded yellow sun. Around this star, revolves eight round objects on a plane. There's another round object, relatively icy and small – with the size of a satellite of the largest ringed spheroid in that system – revolving in an inclined orbit. Of the nine, the largest is just a tenth of the mass of its star. On the orbits closer to the sun, revolves four considerably rocky bodies. Of these four, there's one that's noticeably covered, in most parts, with liquid water. Along the largest circumference of this globe, there's a place that oddly has several small areas of land – islands – sticking up. The largest of these islands near the biggest area of land on the globe is called Luzon.

In Luzon, there's a place that seems to surround water. The interior of this mouth has a place with tall human-made structures. Near it, there's a wide ellipse of laid down concrete – a road – connected to a wide and long road by two narrow ones, and several other narrower ones. If you move along the long and wide road, called EDSA, then go to the elliptical road, you'll notice an edifice – not a hundred meters from the road – on your right. Before it, lies another road, split into two and bordered with vegetation. Following this road will lead you to a place with several symbols that look like two finite hyperbolic graphs – with vertices at the top – joined together at the bottom. Near it is another narrower road. Turn left here. Then turn right on the next flat surface of concrete. Follow that road until you get to a small orange concrete structure that's attached to one of a pair of red metal designs that are meant to keep large organisms/objects out (gates). These red gates would rarely be closed, but if it is, carefully destroy with a Vogon laser cannon and follow the curved road until you see a nearly six meter high green gate. Once you knocked or cried aloud on that side of the gate, someone – probably a biped – will open it for you and let you join the fun.

For the residents of Earth who knows how to use such things as addresses, you could get my home address and home phone at my profile. Hehe.

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