Recipe for a free website


Image Depository
my flickr
Web Log
my blogger
Domain Name Host
my DotTK
Scripts et al
my spunge.org


  1. Prepare the ingredients: Sign-up for an account on the free servers.
  2. Pre-heat: Test your accounts. Upload some images, post some entries on your weblog, create a database.
  3. Mix: Make flickr aware that you have a blog
  4. Bake: Code some things to connect your baseportal database. Create a script that'll automatically spew out CSS, and make that your default stylesheet on blogger. Get the feeds from fickr & blogger, and do anything you want with it.
  5. Add more flavor: Configure dot.tk to point to your blog, or to a script you made on spunge.

Haven't finished this yet, but it'll be great.

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egcalso said...

Time to update this. Include the free hosting from united email systems and Build To Learn

Also, since we're talking about free stuff, don't forget The Pirate Bay