Invitation to my b-day party (2004)

Ladies, gentlemen, small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, and others, your attention please. On a certain period of rotation – a day, which most of us know as the 25th of October 2004 – of this blue oblate spheroid mass we call Earth, it would have revolved approximately 21 times, since i first started breathing air on my own, around a medium-sized yellow star we call the sun. A celebration will be held here at our house, and those of you who knows me, whom i know, and can locate our house are invited.

For those who are adventurous enough, however, the instructions to our house is on another post, or you could just get my address and home phone from my profile.


egcalso said...

Please post a comment if you could come. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

what time? wahehehehe. advanced happy birthday in case i cant come.

egcalso said...

'lang hiya ikaw pala si indrid.
Why didn't you send me an e-mail? I didn't specify a time 'cause you could come anytime you want. Now, i realize i should have said that.
Well, it's too late now. The party's over. Let's just hang out -- or "hang dry" as you say -- some other time.