Symphony of Hammers

In the hazy zone between very late and very early, i walked along the street between Mega A and Mega B. This is contrary to Eric's advice for me to walk to Ortigas and go to EDSA from his place. I'm glad i didn't follow that, otherwise, i would have missed the amazing feat that awaited me between those two parts of SM Megamall.

The place was being fixed, so there are several people up the wall behind the safety nets. The striking of hammers to the walls are nearly chaotic, but far from random. In fact, they make a pattern that has a nice rhythm. Its intricate alternating series of strikes resemble something as beautiful as Ryuichi Sakamoto's Paradise Lost. This experience could probably be resembled by how Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse mapped out the streets of London in Cryptonomicon. As i slowed down to listen in awe, tears almost escaped my eyes the way it did when i ate a whole portion of wasabi. I thought these things only happen in dreams and could be classified like floating in air. I shouldn't really be surprised by this, tho. Aside from the preference of each worker on when to strike with the hammer would be close enough, the number of people doing this justifies the creation of a pattern coherent enough to resemble music. It's just as fractals -- which is just a randomly generated set of colors -- eventually leads to an image that is similar to a real object.

This experience inspired me to make the composition i've been assigned to do for Belle Ame. They wanted me to make a song that would show my (non)concept of a deity. I'd focus on most people's argument of an "intelligent design," which assumes that everything is part of the "grand design" and that this cannot be possible unless some entity has planned about this. This assumption is apparently flawed, for, save from a few rules, everything is actually ruled by chance and chaos. Poch Suzara explains it better in the mailing-list. This is not enough reason for anyone to be an atheist, as i am, but IMHO, it's good enough for the song.

I still can't think of how to put it in verses this time tho, so i'll just have to update this later.

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