UHF Week 1: Love of self - believing in yourself and in your dreams

This was the first time we met the kids, so i was nervous and excited. Too excited that i got confused as to where i should meet my groupmates, but that's another story.

Sitting in front of The Catacombs, i got to talk to Jereyyan (who later, i realized was older than me). He was telling what they usually do there, and how often he goes there. When the others came, Jereyyan was already busy.

Inside, together with the kids, we arranged a few tables and chairs for us to sit. We told them two stories. One about "Putot," a dog with a short tail that he doesn't appreciate. Another one, about "Dindo Pundido," a firefly with no light. It was quite easier than we expected. They were paying attention to us, and even crowding up close to the one telling the story. This was probably because the reading was made "interactive," in that they get to say what they want more than once each page.

Also, most of them are really active, and someone even volunteered to read. We encouraged the others who weren't participating to pitch in, and say what they want. A few of them though, where a bit aggressive towards each other, but seemed like they just want some attention, so we let them grab the spotlight for a few minutes, impressing us with their talents.

After that, we let things simmer down a bit, and made them draw up somethings, which they did, without hesitation. One possible problem is that we're not too sure they've grasped the lesson we're trying to impart on them cause we didn't have enough time to ask them what they got from us.

Here are the images of their works:
Tuteng Jennelyn Jonard Maribel Jereyyan Ramil Rocxanne

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