A week after my certain shade of green

It's been a week since the KSP Medical/Dental Mission in Antipolo (photos here). That's when i watched a Wong Kar-wai movie, 2046 with Blossom, Rio (or was that Emmy), Erika, and Niña. The movie was great (as should be expected), that i found myself dumbfoundedly staring at the screen several times.

That night, i waited with Niña outside Galleria, in front of Gasoline Alley facing an Enteng Kabisote poster. It was great. We had conversations about almost everything we could think of talking about. Well, given the fact that we waited there for three hours, this shouldn't come much as a surprise, but this experience made me so happy. After a few hours, we bought a couple of Vodka Cruisers, and waited for her dad instead, to pick her up. I'm really glad this happened, cause she's now an email-pal. Talking with Niña gives me a certain happiness that can only be equaled by me playing my bass, or finishing a software project where i play a major part. We've been chatting or emailing each other almost everyday since then, and i hope i get a chance to see her and actually talk to her again.

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